What to Know When Going For A Diamond Appraisal

There are many things people should know when purchasing a diamond. Not only should you have a budget in mind and know what size, shape, color and price range you would like to be in, but you should also be sure you take one additional step. That is going through the diamond appraisal process.

You made the decision to purchase a diamond for a special occasion whether it be proposing to the love of your life, celebrating a milestone anniversary or other special event. Now you have to be sure that investment is protected. That is when you go to a jeweler or a diamond appraiser and have a diamond appraisal.

Diamond appraisal, RingMany people think that when you have a piece of jewelry or a diamond or other stone appraised that you basically will be able to replace what you purchased with exactly the same item. Unfortunately, however, it does not work that way. When you buy a diamond it is very important to get in writing exactly what you bought. For example, the size of the diamond, the cut, clarity, weight, setting (especially if it’s one from a famous designer), where you purchased the diamond, if there was a model or item number what that information is, the color of the diamond and obviously the cost at which you purchased it. If you have all of this information written or typed out on the jeweler’s letterhead, when and if you lose or if your diamond is stolen, it will be much easier to replace and you will be sure to get back what you are entitled to.

You can have your diamond appraised at a jewelry store or an appraiser who does jewelry as well as diamond appraisals. When seeking out an appraiser be sure it is a reputable one and one that will not try and scam you. This process will be made easier when you have the information from the original sale documented. It is also recommended that once you purchase and have the diamond appraised, that you have it appraised continuously once every three to five years.