Asscher Cut Diamonds

There are a number of different cut types in the world of diamonds and each of them have their own following. The asscher cut diamond, however, definitely is distinct among these and one cut that a lot of people really enjoy. There is more to this cut than just a look, so let’s dig a little bit deeper to find out how this cut came to be and what it is that people find so appealing about it. You are bound to see that this is one diamond cut that offers a great deal to love. It might even be your ideal choice, in the end.

The Asscher family of the Netherlands are the founders of the Royal asscher Diamond Company, the place where the first of these diamonds was produced. In fact, this very company has cut some of the world’s most famous diamonds. Joseph Asscher produced the very first asscher cut diamond in 1902 and it was patented shortly after this. This cut became so popular that a lot of other jewelers wanted to emulate it. These diamonds sold very well and were huge business for the Royal Asscher Diamond Company for many years. Later, nearly a full century after the asscher cut first made the international jewelry scene, the company updated the cut, adding more facets to conduct light in an even more brilliant way. This 2001 cut was named the Royal Asscher cut and enjoys immense, patented popularity today. These diamonds are actually sold not only with a certificate of authenticity, but they are also laser inscribed with the company’s logo and a distinct ID number.

asscher cut diamondOne of the biggest reasons that this particular cut is popular today has to do with more than its past prestige. An asscher cut diamond was shown on the popular HBO television series Sex and the City, where many viewers were impressed by its beauty. After this, a lot of celebrities, such as actress Kate Hudson, wanted and received this kind of diamond ring. That media attention helped the asscher cut rise back into prominence again among jewelry lovers. Part of the charm of a diamond featuring the asscher cut is the fact that it offers 58 facets for light to enter the stone. This gives it a very high level of brilliance that a lot of people respond to. The classy look it offers is reminiscent of the Art Deco period and this, too, is something many people appreciate. For fans of a classic or vintage look, this can certainly be one of the most appealing cuts possible. Another important feature is that this cut can help a diamond that does not have the highest possible clarity still look exceptional. All of these factors combine to make the asscher cut a desirable look for a diamond.

Generally, a newer diamond is going to look better with an asscher cut than an older one would. This is because cutting tools have been improved by advances in technology that were simply not present 100 years ago. A colorless diamond that is to be given the asscher cut really must be cut carefully because any flaw will be noticeable afterwards if it is not taken care of first. The Royal asscher cut may be more optimal for those that want the maximum amount of sparkle, though, because it does offer a total of 78 facets and this can make a big difference. You should seek good color and clarity, as well as an asscher cut with at least a grade of Good if you want a truly high quality diamond. Obviously, the higher the quality of the stone you can afford, the better. What matters here is that you do what you can to find a good value for the price range you are considering when looking for an asscher cut diamond.

For those looking for a diamond ring or even a diamond engagement ring, the asscher cut diamond can make a fine choice. As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that make this a great cut for a lot of people, but the main thing you should find out is how the person you will be buying it for feels about this look. Of course, if you are buying for yourself then it is up to you. That classic appeal is strong and a lot of people do love the asscher cut, but it is not for everyone.