Diamond Cuts

Diamonds are perhaps one of the most complex stones out there right now and they are also the most sought after. For this reason, many people need help in selecting the right kind of diamond for an engagement ring or other type of jewelry. What you will discover in the world of diamonds is that there are 4 C’s, 4 distinct aspects of a diamond that matter the most to those buying one. These 4 C’s are: diamond cuts, clarity, color and carat. We are going to look at the cuts aspect right now and find out why they are important, as well as which might work for you.

Getting a great diamond that gives you the look you want is not as hard as it might sound. Yes, there are different aspects to consider, but the cut matters most. With diamond cuts, you want to keep in mind that the better the quality of the cut, the higher the level of enhancement to the stone’s other values. A well cut diamond is very valuable so you want to make sure you choose one with a high quality cut. The angles of the cut, as well as the finish, will make your diamond radiant. This is what you want and it leads to a higher level of brilliance that makes the stone appear to have a glow from within. That dazzling quality of flashing light you notice from the best diamonds has primarily to do with how well they are cut so it’s crucial to a diamond’s beauty.

diamond cutsMany people think that cuts and shapes are one and the same. This is not true, and confusing these two terms is much more common than it ought to be. Shapes are pear, round or emerald – for example – and they are simply the shape of the stone. The cut of the diamond is what affects the way it reflects the light. If the table and facets of the diamond are not cut properly, it is going to appear lackluster despite whatever shape it may be. Proportions being as perfect as possible in diamond cuts is what actually matters. Depth and diameter must be calculated properly by the person cutting the stone in order to get the right look.

The grades of cut that you will see in certified diamonds are: Fair & Poor, Good, Very Good, Premium and Ideal. Most people will simply judge these from the certificate that comes with the diamond when they buy it. However, if you do end up deciding to buy a diamond that does not come with a certificate, you can train yourself to get better at understanding the way a proper cut looks. You do this by examining a number of certified diamonds that feature cuts with high grades. This will show that certain sparkle you are looking for and it makes it easy for you to recognize it in a non-certified diamond if you ever need to. While you won’t become an expert overnight, this is a good way to gain a working understanding of the various grades of diamond cuts.

Remember that there are other aspects when it comes to choosing the right diamond and each of them come into play when you are selecting the best stone for your needs. Ideal grade diamond cuts are only for round diamonds and they offer a very high level of brilliance that many people love in a diamond. They can be quite expensive, but for some this is the only cut that will do. Premium grade cuts make gorgeous round diamonds, too, but they are a little bit less expensive. This can work for those who want a truly expensive diamond, yet not the most expensive. A Very Good grade cut is normally the way to make the diamond larger by not cutting precisely as recommended. For this reason, these diamonds often cost a little less than Premium cut diamonds. The Good grade still produces an impressive gem, but most of the light is reflected by the diamond so there is less appearance of brilliance. These are cost effective choices that are still beautiful to many. Fair & Poor cuts are about carat size. These diamonds have been cut this way to make them very large and little concern was given to the cut itself. No matter which way you go, though, you can still get an impressive diamond if you choose well based on the other 3 C’s.